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Endless Heights - Vicious Pleasures (LP 12")

Endless Heights - Vicious Pleasures (LP 12")
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Second pressing of EH`s latest album "Vicious Pleasures" comes on bronze & ultra clear vinyl.
Includes full colour lyric sheet and download code.

"Vicious Pleasure is a very strong showing for Endless Heights. From the straightforward hardcore/emo-rock EPs that they debuted over five years ago to their debut LP New Bloom, there was noticeable growth and musical progression/expansion. A similar leap appears to have taken place here, as Vicious Pleasure marks their most well-composed, instrumentally adept album that still manages to further explore the band’s melodic side. " (Sputnik Music)

1. Taste It
2. You Coward
3. Toxic
4. Drain
5. Come A Little Closer
6. Pray I Fade
7. Goldleaf
8. Shiver Down
9. Paralyse
10. Run
11. Heart Of Your Lie